Domestic Workers Make All Other Work Possible!

After winning Domestic Workers Bills of Rights in nine states and two cities, the National Domestic Workers Alliance is leading an effort to pass a National Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

House cleaners, home attendants, and nannies provide quality care to our communities, but are too often undervalued and vulnerable to abuse. This is because of the long history of exclusion from basic labor protections, rooted in the legacy of slavery and a patronizing perception that this work, traditionally done by women of color, is not "real" work.

Winning this policy will extend protections like minimum wage, safety and health, anti-discrimination and the right to organize to over 2 million domestic workers across the country, who work in individual homes serving millions as caretakers for seniors, people with disabilities, children, and our homes.

Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network has joined this campaign because we know that respect and dignity on the job benefits domestic workers and employers alike!

Whether you employ a housecleaner, nanny, home attendant or just care about domestic workers, please support our effort by signing up here!

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