Don't Let Health Insurance Companies Strip Coverage of Preventive Care.

A recent ruling by US District Judge Reed O'Connor in Texas has cast a shadow over the future of preventive care services, including cancer screenings, heart disease drugs, and other essential treatments. The ruling strikes down certain Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) mandates, including the requirement for insurers to provide preventive care services at no cost.

Without access to affordable preventive care services, individuals -- particularly those in marginalized communities who are impacted most by the additional costs -- will be left without the care they need.

This will result in delayed detection and treatment of health issues, leading to increased healthcare costs, reduced quality of life, and even more barriers to basic healthcare. It will cost everyone -- from the insurance companies to patients -- more money in the long term and most importantly, more people will die.

Everyone deserves access to the care they need to stay healthy, and health insurance companies must do their part.

Don't let health insurance companies take away the right to essential care. Join us in taking a stand for preventive care today by adding your name now.

Demand health insurance companies -- including Pfizer, Etna, and Blue Cross -- continue covering cancer screening, heart drugs and other preventive care at no cost.

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