Download The Action Builder Organizing Guide

Right now, there is renewed attention on the effectiveness of old school methods of organizing. It’s clear that the time-tested action of building relationships between folks and leveraging them into collective power works. This is why established programs and new programs alike are incorporating “old school” analog organizing practices that hinge on building relationships alongside digital tactics, which facilitate messaging, mobilizing, analyzing, and strategizing at scale.

You may be familiar with the Action Network digital organizing toolset, which is focused on mobilization with emails, petitions, events, and fundraising. With Action Builder, we’re focused on one-on-one organizing with tools that help organizers develop leaders, track campaign support, and empower activists to make a difference in their community.

Action Builder draws on the time-tested tools that organizers have used for decades, from wall charts and flip charts to notebooks and three ring binders. We believe that the best tools focus on doing one thing really well, rather than doing a bunch of things haphazardly. Action Builder is an organizing tool set that facilitates leadership development, tracking engagement with leaders over time, and building chapter-based membership organizations run by the leaders you’ve identified.

With guidance from dozens of experienced organizers, we’ve worked to make those tools available digitally. Our tool was built to support an integrated approach to organizing, and we are excited to share that methodology with you. Our aim is to give organizers, like you, the ability to spend your time developing volunteers into leaders and helping people grow their strengths and expand their reach to their friends, neighbors, and coworkers. More leaders means more impact and more people realizing their power.

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