Dump DeJoy and Protect the Vote Campaign Interest Form

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is an essential element to a functioning democracy and is a socialist treasure. Our voting rights hinge on having reliable and affordable postal service. During the 2020 presidential election, 46% of Americans voted by mail or with an absentee ballot. The degradation and dismantlement of the USPS seriously jeopardizes our entire country’s ability to run free and fair elections.

The venerable institution is being attacked from within by Postmaster Louis DeJoy, a Trump crony. Unlike other federal agencies, the USPS is governed by nine presidentially-appointed members of the Board of Postal Governors that have the authority to hire and fire the Postmaster General. Despite obvious conflicts of interest and ample evidence of corruption, the Republican majority board appointed Louis DeJoy as the Postmaster General in June 2020. DeJoy has deliberately sabotaged the postal service by immediately implementing a set of policies designed to slow down service, harm unions, and privatize the agency.

While the courts temporarily blocked some of DeJoy’s attempts to slow down the mail right before the 2020 election, most of these cuts re-appear in the 10 Year Plan. Delivery times are set to increase, mail processing plants will consolidate, and post offices will close. These reforms will disenfranchise voters. Without coordinated action, these reforms will go forward and endanger our entire voting system. DeJoy’s plans for the USPS is also an attack on union workers and the American public as a whole who rely on the USPS for the delivery of vital services. These cuts will especially disadvantage rural residents, veterans, seniors, small business, people of color, and those living with disabilities.

But the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission is ready to fight back! Sign up here to get involved in our campaign, and to get info on our launch call on 10/19 at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT.

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