The NEU’s plan for education return and recovery

The National Education Union (NEU) education recovery plan sets out how to reopen schools and colleges in a safe and sustainable way.

The plan outlines the challenges that our education system must overcome if pupils are to recover their confidence, interest, and joy in learning and to make the progress they are capable of.  

It provides a route towards sustainable school and college opening and away from the Government’s stop/start approach, which has resulted in schools and colleges being closed to full pupil intakes twice.  

We believe schools and colleges should only open when it's safe to do so

Part 1 – Safety in our schools and colleges

  1. Social distancing in schools and colleges.
  2. Limit numbers on site through rotas and remote education.
  3. Increase the use of face coverings and better ventilation.
  4. Education staff should be vaccinated as a priority.
  5. Specific support for SEND settings.

Part 2 – Let’s build a better education system

  1. A well thought out reintegration plan, with flexibility for schools to meet the needs of their communities.
  2. Employ supply teachers and qualified teachers who have left the profession to work in schools and colleges.
  3. Develop and properly resource a recovery curriculum to run over a number of years.
  4. Plans must be made for those who are in transition years.

Part 3 – The best start in life

  1. End child poverty.
  2. All pupils must be guaranteed access to broadband and laptops, which will enable them to learn remotely, and to study and develop their skills once schools are fully open.
  3. A fully-resourced national plan for children’s wellbeing should be launched to support those who suffered trauma in the pandemic.
  4. Welfare reform is needed so that parents are not working for their family’s poverty.

You can see the full plan here