Email your MP: UK Gov U-Turn on climate policies

FOR FUTURE'S SAKE: Let's take action together

Step 1: Use the below draft email to register your concerns and request a meeting with your MP to discuss the government's climate u-turns. Find their email here.

Step 2: Let us know when you have sent the email using this form.


Dear [NAME OF MP],

I am writing to you from the Parents For Future [PLACE] [local group or as an individual], to ask for a meeting to express our concerns about the government’s climate target u-turns today.

As parents we want the government to protect all of our children from climate change, but Rishi Sunak is instead prioritising short-term politics over the future of our families. We need the government to take more action on climate change, not less, and after months of climate chaos across the world this year we are astonished that Rishi Sunak’s reaction is to weaken our climate commitments.

We can tackle climate change at the same time as bringing down the cost of living, by investing in cheap renewable energy, sustainable home heating and insulation. These policies are popular with the public, and it is important that we set strong climate targets to encourage a race to the top on climate action on the world stage.

In [PLACE] these climate policies would help local parents like us to pay our energy bills this winter, and keep our children safe and warm. Without these policies children in [PLACE] face a bleak future as the climate crisis does irreparable damage to the world around them. To keep children in [PLACE] safe, we need action from the government, not further delay.

[As a Conservative MP we would like you to raise our concerns within your party, and also within Parliament.] or [As our MP we would like you to raise our concerns publicly in Parliament]. We would like to meet as soon as possible to discuss the problems with the government’s new positions in this area, and discuss how you can represent the views of parents in your constituency.

We hope to hear back from you very soon to arrange a meeting. If we do not hear back from you we will attend your surgery in the near future to express our concerns.

Yours sincerely,


Parents For Future [PLACE] [if appropriate]