The intersection of movements for Black liberation and justice, calls for recognition of the essential humanity of our LGBTQ brothers/sisters/siblings, and our approach to the COVID-19 pandemic have created both a challenge to the primary institutions of our democratic system and an opportunity for real structural and transformational change. Change that can make our country healthier, our communities safer, and our institutions equitable. If we rise to the challenge, recognize the need for change is real, and act boldly, we can emerge from this moment stronger.

No Justice No Peace supports a #BlackNewDeal. A plan that focuses on fundamentally changing our criminal justice system, guaranteeing the right to vote, pursuing economic justice and equity, and ending the over-incarceration of people due to the criminalization of marijuana.

  • Transformative Criminal Justice Reform - Ending cash bail, de-militarizing the police, independent citizen review boards, mental health diversion programs

  • A New Voting Rights Act - Passage of the Voting Rights Advancement Act, automatic voter registration, campaign finance reform, public financing of elections

  • Economic Justice & Equity - Black prosperity grants, urban infrastructure investment, environmental justice review standards, ban the box, passage of a #GreenNewDeal

  • Legalization of Marijuana - Should include decriminalization of non-violent drug crimes, drug court diversion programs, and full legalization of marijuana with licenses prioritized for BIPOC communities

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