Landlords have Lawyers. Do You?

Evictions Must Stop – Keep Our Families Housed

Arizona residents are being priced out, forced into homelessness and exposed to fatal heat. Maricopa has one of the fastest eviction processes in the country and the unhoused rates continue to increase year over year – with a disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable; our children and elders.

We’re calling on you to sign this pledge in support of the Take Back Our Homes Campaign to fight the mass and unjust eviction of our families and neighbors. We demand the Phoenix City Council protects tenants when facing eviction by providing them access to an attorney and the Right To Counsel. While 94% of landlords have legal representation in eviction court, only 1% of tenants have access to an attorney - this needs to change to balance the scales.

7,000 evictions were filed in June of 2023 in Maricopa County alone. In 2022, over 65,000 evictions were filed. Evictions make it incredibly difficult for people to qualify for housing in the future, putting families already in distress on track for further economic instability and housing insecurity.

Having Right to Counsel in evictions would ensure that anyone facing an eviction has a fair chance to avoid losing their home by having an attorney fight alongside them. Right to Counsel will reduce evictions, keep families off the streets, save millions in city resources and level the playing field for tenants.

Sign the pledge today, and keep our neighbors in their homes!