Labor: Fire Fitzgibbon

Fitzgibbon repeats the lies of fossil fuel billionaires to undermine climate action. It’s time for him to go.

Labor could be the party that guarantees a good job to everyone who needs one, revitalises local communities and rebuilds our public services all while solving the climate crisis. But it can’t be that party while Joel Fitzgibbon is in it.

For years outspoken MP Joel Fitzgibbon has been leading a campaign inside the Labor Party on behalf of fossil fuel billionaires. He collaborates with the Liberal Party to serve the interests of big business and undermine attempts to solve the climate crisis. [1]

As young people we are calling on Labor to show they are on our side. People who put mining CEOs ahead of workers have no place in the Labor Party. Labor needs to kick the big business interests represented by Joel Fitzgibbon out of the party.

It’s time for Labor to stand with workers of all kinds from all over the country to fight for our future. We can work together to solve the climate crisis and create good jobs for everyone in the process, but we can’t do it while Joel Fitzgibbon puts the profits of mining CEOs ahead of our futures.

[1] Labor MPs flock to join Craig Kelly's ‘friends of coal’ group

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