#FiveVoterChallenge Campaign


Voter suppression makes it incredibly hard hard to vote, register to vote, or even stay on voter rolls. If voters are not proactive – even a couple months before an election – they may be ineligible to cast a ballot despite their constitutional right to do so. People who have moved addresses, recently became citizens, missed voting in a previous election year, changed their name, and others face higher barriers to staying on voter rolls. These issues compound in communities historically ignored and disenfranchised in elections: people of color, youth, immigrants, people experiencing poverty, people experiencing homelessness, and people whose first language is not English.

Personal conversations work. Let's expand the American electorate through the power of our social networks!

  1. Text five friends with this pledge card to vote.

  2. Post a video, photo, or update to FB/Twitter/Insta/TikTok showing you you reached out to 5 friends to see if they’re registered to vote as part of the #FiveVoterChallenge.

  3. Tag 5 friends on social media and nominate them to reach out to their networks to keep the check-ins going! Dont forget to use the #FiveVoterChallenge!