Flags for the Future

Puget Sound Energy continues to build their fracked methane gas facility, or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, on the lands of the Puyallup Tribe without their consent and in defiance of climate science. In April, the Puyallup Tribe and Earthjustice, representing several environmental groups, are presenting their cases against this facility to the Pollution Control Hearings Board of Washington, from April 12-23. Despite this, Puget Sound Energy has filed to start operations in May!

Let's surround the LNG construction site with positive thoughts of alternate possibilities in the form of colorful flags - each of your "tweet" sized messages will be written onto a flag and hung along the fence. Answer the question that speaks most to you:

  • What do you want to see instead of LNG?

  • What do you envision for this space?

  • What do you envision for a future without fracking?

  • What or who are you defending when you fight climate change?

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Tacoma, WA