Free Them to Heal Us Interest Form

Want to be a part of Free Them to Heal Us’ work building the power of people hurt by prisons, policing and injustice? Become a member of our organization and join our fight to free loved ones from prison, and win our communities the resources we all deserve.

We reach out to other people harmed by the current system to get them involved in organizing people power. We build a caring and strong community to demand that we and our loved ones are treated with dignity and humanity. We learn skills together and build each other's leadership and advocacy. We know everyone has something to contribute. By standing together, we can build the power to free not just one person, but to change entire systems.

We are holding an all member meeting on Tuesday, April 12th at 6pm on Zoom, where you can hear about how we are moving to bring people home, and connect with others in similar positions as yourself.

Fill out the interest form below and an organizer will reach out to you with the information you need to attend the meeting, and become an active member of Free Them to Heal Us.

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