Fund the Social Security Administration!

The Social Security Administration, which processes benefit claims, operates field offices, and provides customer service for people with questions about their Social Security, is funded by working people with every paycheck.

The same payroll contributions that fund Social Security’s benefits also fund the Social Security Administration, and it’s an extremely efficient program. While private retirement plans charge large administrative fees, Social Security’s administrative costs are just 0.6% of annual benefits. It’s a great deal.

But unlike our benefits, Social Security’s administrative funding is subject to the Congressional appropriations process―and as a result, Republicans who are frustrated by their inability to cut benefits have instead cut administrative funding, forcing office closings, long wait times, and worse service. Their hope is that by making it harder to access the benefits we’ve earned through a lifetime of hard work, they can drive down Social Security’s overwhelming popularity.

President Biden’s latest budget request reverses the Republican administrative cuts. This additional funding is essential to ensure that SSA can provide the American people with the highest quality service possible―service that we have earned and paid for. It’s our money―it’s time for Republicans in Congress to stop standing in the way.

Sign now: Tell Congress to swiftly fulfill President Biden’s request for additional SSA funding!