Get Out The Vote for Rick!


We are just days away from the June 2nd primary.

Especially in the age of COVID, we need bold leaders to demand Medicare for All, A Green Stimulus Plan and a Homes Guarantee. Rick Krajewski is that leader.

We know that the only way to ensure a Rick's victory is if we all come together to check in on our neighbors and talk to them about why we need to come together as a community and vote for him. Put simply, We need YOUR HELP to get Rick elected. Join us in our final push to elect Rick Krajewski to the State House in the 188th.  

There are multiple ways to get involved from phone-banking, to helping drop literature at neighbor's homes (contact-free), to helping us on election day ensure that people who are voting in person can do so as safely as possible.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Ash (she/her) if you have any questions.


Join a people-powered movement for justice!

Rick Krajewski is a West Philadelphia neighbor, criminal justice organizer, engineer, educator, and artist. We believe in a West Philadelphia where working people have the power to determine our future, not big developers and the one percent.

Join us in creating a West Philadelphia where we all can thrive.

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