Get Updates from Together We Will HCUC

Together We Will―Harford County/Upper Chesapeake has grown faster than anyone could have anticipated!  We need to make sure we are able to contact you to keep you informed of events happening in your community, state and country; to help keep you educated and to mobilize when needed in times of crisis and for more sustained efforts.  We have tried to keep this survey short but we feel that most of these questions are important to the success of TWW HCUC, because we believe communication is one of our most important jobs.

Some of the questions ask which election districts you are in so we can send you direct emails, texts messages and/or Facebook messages on specific issues or elected officials that will directly impact you. If you can't remember a number or letter associated with your election districts, the links below will help you find this information.  We also have the links embedded in the questions, but if possible, please find these pieces of information before starting the survey.

Don't forget to bookmark our website, like our Facebook @TWWhcuc and follow our Twitter @TWWhcuc so you can stay on top of events and meetings for TWW HCUC and our coalition partners.

Complete the survey that follows to receive general and targeted updates about meetings, events, and issues!