Good for Good - Crystal Good for Social Media Senator

We won! Previously, West Virginia politics was inundated with the notable lack of transparency of the state legislature, complex bills which kept citizens from engaging in an informed way, and gaps in our digital district that prevented constituent-legislator interaction in "real-time."

But the past is now over! As the new Social Media Senator of West Virginia's Digital District, Good for Good WV is making strides to take West Virginia politics through a digital upgrade, characterized by transparency, change, and solutions.

Now, I will not pretend as if filling in the shoes of Social Media Senator is an easy feat. In truth, I am learning my way as I go along; however, I am committed to listening to your concerns and doing my best to voice those concerns to legislators here and in Washington. I have an awesome team who supports me and together I believe we can accomplish great things for West Virginia!

Form by
Crystal Good
Charleston, West Virginia