Group Letter Supporting Responsible Budget and Debt Policies, Spring 2023

Please sign this group letter supporting responsible budget and debt policies

Deadline: Friday, May 19th close of business

To read the letter, click here.

We hope you will join a growing list of organizations in signing a letter urging members of Congress to support investments in our people and a responsible approach to the federal budget, including a clean increase in or suspension of the debt ceiling.

We are alarmed at calls to dramatically cut or cap spending on key anti-hunger, health, housing, early childhood, and other programs. The end of the public health emergency means that Medicaid, SNAP, housing and other benefits that are still needed by millions of people are shrinking or ending. Right-wing proposals to slash domestic spending will hurt the poor, people with disabilities, older adults, children and families, and will widen racial/ethnic gaps. Congress should be responding to unmet need; it must not make things worse. This letter urges Congress to reject efforts to take away assistance from people with low incomes or impose administrative barriers that make it harder for people to access needed assistance, and underscores that Congress must not default on spending that has already been enacted.

Local, state, and national-scope groups are all encouraged to sign this letter. We very much hope you will sign and circulate this request to other organizations.

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