GTFF Solidarity Pledge

GE's Deserve Dignity & GTFF Logo
GE's Deserve Dignity & GTFF Logo

GTFF is the Graduate Employee (GE) union at the University of Oregon (UO). They have been bargaining with UO to win a fair contract since March 2023. A fair contract for GEs is one that would ensure a livable wage, provide necessary financial and administrative support to GEs who are international workers and/or caregivers, protect against discrimination by establishing clear guidelines for accountability, and maintain the health care administered through GTFF’s Health and Welfare Trust.

The UO administration has repeatedly hindered the bargaining process by either rejecting the GTFF’s fair demands or stalling the return of counter-proposals to these demands. In addition, the UO administration has attempted to implement so-called “continuity plans” that would outsource GE labor and undercut GTFF’s collective power in the event of a strike.  

As undergraduate students and workers, we understand the value of GE labor. Our GEs cannot simply be replaced because they have designed our courses, taught us the material, graded our work, and provided us with needed support to complete our courses. That work cannot and should not be passed onto faculty members or undergraduate workers. The UO must invest seriously in fair wages for their graduate workers.

The GTFF will be better equipped to win their demands if they receive a critical mass of support from other members of UO’s campus. This solidarity pledge from UOSW and UOYDSA is a commitment of your support for the GTFF and their demands.

GE working conditions are our learning conditions, and we will not undermine the collective power of GEs to demand necessary changes to those working conditions.
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