Hand Delivery for Your Mayor! Deliver Petition or Thank You Cards.

Do you know if your mayor is part of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI)? This is a coalition of mayors who have come together to run pilots in their cities and push for guaranteed income for their constituents.

Interested in doing a hand delivery?

During our annual Basic Income March, organizers collected thank you cards for mayors who are a part of MGI and petition signatures for mayors who are not. Now we need someone to hand deliver them!  

If you are interested please sign up and someone from Income Movement will make sure you have everything you need for the delivery. The delivery date is Thursday, November 4th.

This is an important step we can take as community members to either affirm the actions of our local leaders or pressure them to make the right choice.

Need to sign?

If you haven't, look up your city to see if there are thank you cards or a petition for you to sign for your mayor. These virtual cards and signatures will be included in the hand deliveries.

Please share this action on social media and with your friends and family. Making waves on a local level can push the discourse nationally!

In Solidarity,

The Income Movement Team

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