Host a Virtual Letter-Writing Distribution for the Bucks County Dems

Announcing a new letter-writing opportunity targeting voters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

A little background: When it comes to electoral impact, Bucks County has been one of the most important counties in the country. Bucks County Democrats use mail-in voting to improve turnout and their results have been amazing: They outpaced every county in the state in 2020 and helped to pick up a judicial seat in 2021.

In 2022, the mail-in ballot in Bucks County will again have an outsized impact on state and federal races. Pennsylvania voters have a lot to attend to in November’s election: an open US Senate seat, a flippable Congressional seat, State House candidates in newly competitive races, and a new Governor. The current Democratic Governor is term-limited and has been the most significant check on the right-wing Republicans currently in charge of both House and Senate seats.

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