Help Florida Democrats Get Out the Vote. Host a Virtual Postcard Party!

Host a virtual postcard party and help swing the 2020 election!

Democrats have very narrowly lost in the last two statewide elections, so a big effort in Florida in 2020 could be the clincher. That's why Swing Blue Alliance is organizing virtual postcard parties to support the Florida Democratic Party's campaign to encourage inconsistent Dem voters to vote early.

The timeline for this mailing will be very short. Here is our suggested schedule:
  • Place your first order on the E-Store this week. We will let you know when the E-Store is live.
  • Please communicate with your volunteers that you will be calling upon them to assist in this sprint to the finish
  • Plan to distribute your cards as soon as possible after you pick them up (or receive them)
  • This postcard will require one $0.55 stamp, no sealing labels, and a brief handwritten message.

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