I want to help elect more Greens

Fairer Greener Communities #GetGreensElected

It's crunch time. This year's local elections are a major milestone for the Green Party. And your help is needed.

Thousands of council seats are up for election on May 4th. The Green Party already hold an all-time record number of council seats, we are polling well, and running well-organised target campaigns across the country.

We need more elected Greens now - and you can help make it happen.

To win, we need to show voters how we are different from the stale, old parties. We have to make sure they know that we care about them and their community, that we are serious - and we can win.

That means going directly to the voters, with leaflets and in one-to-one conversations. That's why we need you. Help us elect more Greens - sign up to help today.