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We need a better way to transfer information beyond our silos.

There needs to be a channel for sharing ideas and methods that transcends issues, organizations, campaigns, and even party. We need to share our victories so all people-power efforts in Idaho are strengthened.

A blog with fresh, diverse perspectives from across our state.

We’ll seek out the practitioners, thinkers, critics, and visionaries working on people power. We’ll help them share their stories, methods, and advice to encourage, empower, and inspire their peers across the state.

Beyond sharing knowledge, it’s about sharing confidence.

It’s not easy being a progressive in Idaho. We’ve had many more failures than we’ve had victories. Hope and optimism often feel in short supply. To lift our spirits, we need to know what’s working, and we need to copy it.

We can win. But only if we work together, with the best strategies.

Let’s do that. Sign up here.

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Cameron Crow
Boise, Idaho