I'll Be There to Fight for Healthcare Pledge

The business of healthcare is bad for all of us -- patients, health care workers, and the communities where we live. CEOs and venture capitalists are making billions of dollars off of what should be a human right, and they are only able to keep their paychecks rolling in by consistently putting profits over patients and the workers who care for them. Then they protect their interests by investing massive amounts of money in gaming our political system.

In order to really change that, we are going to have to fight on many fronts.

We need to hold hospitals and corporate healthcare providers accountable to serving our communities instead of treating us like customers.

We need to stand with healthcare workers -- nurses, doctors, medical techs, CNAs, PCAs, and all the other people who make our health possible -- in demanding the working conditions they need to provide quality care.

And of course we need to push for systemic change to take the profit motive out of healthcare by advocating for single payer.

We all know that these are challenges we've faced for decades, but we are recommitting ourselves to the fight for healthcare justice by pledging to take action for patients and healthcare workers at least 3 times this year. That could mean anything from attending a rally to walking a picket line to signing a petition -- but however we show up, we need to do it together.

If you take the pledge, we'll let you know about upcoming ways to take action in your area!

Will you join us in pledging to be there to fight for healthcare?