I'm stickin' with my union!

Our fellow union members are being approached by self-serving anti-worker groups, telling them to give up their AMEA membership. In some cases, these dishonest groups are telling our members that there is no downside to doing so, that it won't cause any problems, or that they don't need the security of our union. We know better, sisters and brothers. We know that union membership is an integral part of bargaining strength, and that when we don't stand together, we fall divided. That is the exact outcome that these groups want - a divided union that will not be able to resist anti-worker moves planned for the future.

So let's show these anti-worker groups that AMEA will never be divided, and why AMEA is the right choice for Anchorage's working people. Share a story that relates to anything positive you have experienced through our union, such as job security, improved working conditions, or impacts that have helped our community. We will show these detractors that we love our union, and they won't break us no matter how hard they try!

Your story will inspire other members, motivate our stewards, and help guide the actions of our union. Sharing your story is the first step towards cultivating an even stronger future for our members. Thank you!

Form by
Brandon Fifer
Anchorage, Alaska