In Celebration of Jack Mundey and the Green Bans

In Celebration of Jack Mundey and the Green Bans

Date: Monday 8th November
Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Location: The Playhouse, Webster's

We are delighted and humbled to host a celebration of Jack Mundey (17 Oct 1929 – 10 May 2020) with speakers from Australia and Britain. The fight for our planet needs to nurture radical hope and the strategic, political brilliance of the Green Bans movement and the leadership of Jack will hopefully help to inspire and lift the horizons of the unionists and community leaders gathered in Glasgow from around the world who are continuing the fight for climate justice.

Host: Camille Barbagallo, COP26 Coalition
Footage from Rocking the Foundations, Director
Pat Fiske
Judy Mundey
Meredith Burgmann, Author Green Bans, Red Unions
Sally McManus, Secretary ACTU
Jeremy Corbyn, MP

All welcome. Registration for the COP26 People's Summit for Climate Justice is essential.

With special thanks to Amanda Tattersall, Changemaker podcast.