In the face of the economic impact of COVID-19, demand that California lawmakers support women and people of color-led businesses

Our California economy is being rocked by uncertainty surrounding COVID-19. There’s no denying that some businesses will be hit harder than others. Now is the time for us to unite across our differences and support policies that help the most vulnerable small businesses survive and provide good jobs in our communities.

The state is preparing to take bold action to stem an economic crisis, potentially allocating billions of dollars in economic aid to communities across California. Let's make sure state resources are being allocated equitably. This is not the time for tax breaks for the richest 1%.

ACA 5 is the solution we need to help level the playing field in these troubling times. It will ensure that women-owned businesses have a fair shot at bidding for and winning public contracts. ACA 5 would keep our doors open, ensure fair opportunities, and prevent a surge of economic aid dollars from going exclusively to the old boys’ network.

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