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Weekly News Clips - A weekly round-up of important local, state, and national headlines about politics and government in our state from papers across Ohio so you stay on top of what's happening. Published on Sundays.

Statehouse Updates - Receive our Statehouse Updates Newsletter summarizing new bills in the House & Senate, as well as news about upcoming hearing schedules. We occasionally include calls to action on legislation at the Statehouse for advocates. Published weekly during months when the legislature is active (usually quiet during the summer months).

Innovation Ohio News & Updates - Be the first to know about new advocacy resources we release and stay in the loop about what issues are at the forefront of state and local governance and how you can advocate for progressive policy change. We'll occasionally share action items you can take to support progressive advocacy efforts on specific key issues at the Statehouse (also curated for you based on your Issues of Interest). Sent on an as-needed basis, approximately 3-5 emails, quarterly.

Women's Public Policy Network (WPPN) Newsletter and Weekly Headlines - Start your week with a newsletter from Erin Ryan of WPPN about policymaking updates at the local, state, and national levels through a gender lens as well as announcements from WPPN coalition partners. End your week with a round-up of the most important headlines about the issues that matter most to the well-being of Ohio's women and families. Two emails per week.

Trainings & Event Announcements - Primarily a resource for activists and advocates, we will send announcements of events held by Innovation Ohio or one of our progressive partner organizations on a periodic basis (no more than twice a month, usually less than that).

All In For Ohio - We'll send you one call to action every week about ways that Ohioans can come together across race and class to build the future for Ohio that we want to see -- an Ohio for all of us. Emails will include updates about voting deadlines, registration, procedures, and everything else you want to know as a voter in this upcoming election. Volume may increase in days leading up to the 2020 election.

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