Interested in seeing or screening Antidotes for Ageism?

Ageism is a real problem everywhere, including in healthcare. It isn't just wrong; it affects our health, lifespan and the economy. Want to do something to help change that?

Changing the Narrative partnered with the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging to create a short film called Antidotes for Ageism: A brief guide to creating inclusive care in an ageist society. (Running time: approximately 16 minutes).

The film is a compilation of interviews with older adults as well as professionals who serve older adults and are experts in their fields. Learn from their insights about what ageism is and how it shows up in healthcare settings. Inspire your community to take actionable steps that will remove ageism from healthcare.

If you are interested in hosting a screening and facilitating a discussion with your friends, organization, community or other group—or watching it on your own—just fill out the form on this page and you'll receive a link to the film, as well as a discussion guide to spark conversation after viewing the film.

Together, we can end ageism.