It takes SIX to improve school climate and win for our students, schools and communities.

It starts with you!

Ever wonder how many educators it would take to make a change for students in your school? Research by GLSEN shows that our most vulnerable students can name at least one supportive educator in their school. That's important, but to change school culture, it's not nearly enough.

It takes SIX or more supportive adults to truly make a difference!

Only half of students surveyed could name six supportive educators. We can start to change that today in just two steps. Here's how:

1. Take the pledge to change school climate and make our schools stronger!
I will stand up as an educator dedicated to creating a culture of respect and safety for ALL students. This means, not only identifying myself as a caring adult who is prepared to advocate for positive school climate and will engage other educators to ensure our schools are safe and welcoming places for ALL students.

2. Get resources for your school by sending this pledge to FIVE colleagues who work with students at your school. Once five educators from your school sign the pledge, we will send you the tools and resources that you need to improve your school climate and ensure safe and respectful environments that strengthen our schools and communities.

By joining with your colleagues to tackle issues impacting school climate, you are building a team of trusted professionals who can lay the foundation for stronger schools and communities!
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