Toyota Workers Stand Up!

UAW autoworkers just won historic raises at the Big Three: Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis. Now it’s our turn.

  • We are forming a union with the UAW. Together, we’ll have the power to win better pay, better benefits and a better life.
  • We’ve got the same issues. The same industry. And the same jobs as the UAW members at the Big Three. But we’re getting left behind at Toyota.
  • Toyota has made a quarter of a trillion dollars in profit in the past decade. Profits are up 30%. CEO Pay is up 125%. Meanwhile, Toyota has offered just a 9% raise to convince Toyota workers NOT to organize

Sign the Authorization Card to join the UAW and Stand Up for our fair share at Toyota.

Learn more about the UAW’s record contracts at Ford, GM and Stellantis. It’s time we Stand Up and fight for what we deserve, just like the 150,000 UAW autoworkers at the Big Three.