Join a subcommittee for Electoral Strategy!

In our 2022 Primary, our progressive incumbents faced attacks from the establishment and Republican mega donors funding democratic candidates. Reclaim and our movement leaders were targeted in these adds by a local non profit backed by a school privatizer with eyes on the Mayor and City Council Primary in 2023.

With ballots still being counted, over 100,000 more Pennsylvania Republicans voters turned out than Democratic voters. We know our communities will suffer even more than they already are if we lose the Governor seat and no longer have the protection of a veto from harmful state laws passed through our legislature - including laws that would strip us of reproductive rights and trans rights.

There's a lot of work to do and we're committed to continue showing up for each other at the ballot box, in the streets and every day year round.

There's a role for all of us in this movement. Choose a subcommittee that fits your interest!

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