Join a Working Group

"Working groups" are the core organizational unit of a SURJ chapter. Each working group meets 1-2 times each month to discuss and plan their work. This is how the bulk of our day-to-day work gets done, and many of us relish working group meetings as an opportunity to build community and find solidarity and support in our anti-racist organizing.

We currently have several active working groups; see below for more info. If you're interested in joining any of them, please use this form to indicate which you might want to get involved with. We'll follow up with more information on how to start showing up.

Or, if you have an idea for a new working group that you don’t see listed, we’d love to chat about how to make that happen! In the past, members have led groups focusing Working Class issues and Queer & Trans issues, for some examples.

SURJ SF Working Groups

  • Communications — Develop messaging and operational strategy of SURJ SF

  • Basebuilding — Motivate white people to join the racial justice movement through outreach and education

  • Direct Action — Coordinate white people to engage in demonstrations led by people of color

  • Dialogues — Develop and facilitate Dialogues (facilitated, interactive events that explore race, white supremacy, identity, privilege, and community)

  • Fundraising — Organize SURJ SF's financial structure and raise money for our chapter and our accountability partners

  • Youth and Families — Engage parents and children in anti-racist work through a family-friendly lens

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