Join Gig Workers United

Gig Workers United is a community union of app based couriers. We are both full-time and part-time delivery app couriers; racialized and migrant workers, women and trans people, international students, and people with families. We deliver in our cars, on bicycles, scooters and by foot for prominent apps like UberEats, DoorDash, Amazon Flex, SkipTheDishes, Instacart and many other app based delivery companies. We are organizing together with CUPW (the Canadian Union of Postal Workers) for transparent pay, livable wages, improved health and safety conditions, and the labour protections that we all deserve

In an increasingly isolating workplace and world, we know that we are strong because workers, like you, are part of our organization. All of us have experiences, knowledge, and a voice that matters to our union and our collective future. Connecting with our fellow workers by riding/walking/driving the streets of our cities, by working within the steward system of our union, or participating in committees; is the greatest joy of our work. This joy is also our power. As we build our union we cultivate a place where we all belong, and with this power, we will win our rights.