Join the Upstate SC Climate Reality Chapter

Together, we aim to tell a story about the climate crisis that inspires people everywhere to stand up and take action to create the sustainable future they want to see. We must solve the climate crisis. We can solve the climate crisis. We will solve the climate crisis.

At The Climate Reality Project, we are catalysts of change. We believe lasting social transformation comes from the ground up. We know the majority of politicians lead where their constituents tell them to go. And today, Americans and citizens everywhere are telling their leaders to drop dirty fossil fuels and shift to clean, renewable energy.

What’s more, they’re not patiently waiting around. With the climate threat growing more urgent every year and the practical clean energy solutions we need getting more affordable all the time, more and more citizens are taking their future in their own hands. More and more people just like you are filling town halls, overwhelming office switchboards, spreading the word online, organizing rallies, and using every channel they can to pressure their representatives to act on climate.

Not tomorrow. Not in 10 years. Today.

This is your moment. This is your time to act and create the future you want to see. Your chance to change the world.

Join us! Join the Climate Reality Project: Upcountry South Carolina Chapter.