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Ready for ELECTION 2020?

Sign up to participate in 2020 nonpartisan voter outreach activities, including serving as a partner organization, a host site, or individual volunteer. Together, we can make sure our most underserved communities' voices are heard.


PARTNER ORGANIZATION - Eligible for grants ranging from $200-$1000

Pledge to providing at least one of the following:

  • 5 volunteers for National Voter Registration Day  (Sept 22)
  • 2 host locations for National Voter Registration Day (Sept 22), with the goal of at least 50 voter interactions and 20 voter registrations.
  • 1 host location for National Voter Registration Day and 1 additional voting-related event or training
  • 3 voter engagement events such as candidate forums, "what's on my ballot" event, absentee ballot party, neighborhood canvasing, etc.

HOST SITE - We provide at no cost all event materials including food, education materials, posters, and more

Pledge to:

  • Provide at least one host site for a National Voter Registration Day (Sept 22) or an alternative day
  • Identify and forwarding contact information for at least one client/resident who shows potential to be a Community Captain - someone with an interest in advocacy or community organizing - to receive Organizer Training and help you promote your voting activities and information


  • Advertise the local Rides to the Polls hotline number
  • Organize at least one early voting trip, either through Ohio Votes or independently.


Pledge to do at least one of the following:

  • Volunteer to staff a National Voter Registration Day (Sept 22) event (includes commitment to attend an hour long training in person or remotely)
  • Volunteer to be an as-needed volunteer for miscellaneous events
  • Serve as a volunteer driver for at least two hours during early voting or Election Day

Not sure where you fit? Contact and we will guide you toward the level of involvement that makes the most sense for you and your organization.

What is Ohio Votes?

Ohio Votes is the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio’s civic engagement initiative. For over a decade, Ohio Votes has been partnering with advocates around the state to promote election accessibility and engage more low-income voters in the democratic process.

We work with coalition partners and community leaders to engage in voter outreach efforts, which include posting and distributing voter education materials, tabling at community events, training advocates, registering voters, collecting pledge cards, promoting early voting, and transporting voters to early voting locations.

We strive to reach as many low-income voters as possible. We target low-income housing developments, shelters, community centers, food pantries and other nonprofit agencies working directly with economically disadvantaged Ohioans.

Why is this program important?

Political leaders pay attention to communities who vote. If we want elected officials to address poverty, homelessness and housing instability then we need to “voterize” the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans affected by these issues.

Please take a minute or two to fill out the survey (on the right) and tell us more about you and your organization. Thanks!

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