Join or Create a WE CAN Action Team!

Thank you for your interest in joining or creating a WE CAN Action Team!

What is an Action Team?

Action Teams are small groups of sisters who will work together to create change in your community. By joining forces everyone's voice is amplified.

You can either:

  • Lead a Small Group of Activists: Have 3-5 friends in mind to invite to join your team? Great, WE CANe will send you an invitation to an upcoming meeting where we will teach you how to use the WE CAN Action Platform.
  • Join a Group of Activists: Maybe you can't lead an Action Team but you can join a team. That's great-WE CAN will connect you with an Action Team near you.
  • Be a Social Media Ambassador: You commit to sharing WE CAN calls to action on your social media channels.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can reach WE CAN at


The WE CAN Team

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