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Would you like to get details about what you can do in the comfort of your own home, petitions you can sign or events that are taking place? We really want our communications to be useful and interesting so we've broken them down into the following categories:

• Local = Having an eco-friendly house, recycling on your estate, buying items locally to help the economy as well as the environment.

• Regional = Being involved with what's happening in Rotherham e.g. active travel plans or housing developments utilising your MPs and councils.

• National = Collaborating with other climate groups to achieve things on a UK wide scale e.g. carbon net zero.

• Global = Signing and sharing petitions happening elsewhere.

We particularly welcome involvement from those with a BAME background and the younger generation to ensure we are diverse and reflect the make up of Rotherham. It would also be great to have at least one person engaged from each ward (Rotherham is quite big isn't it!).

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From all of us at Rotherham Climate Action

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