Join Our Fight to Democratize ComEd

Join #DemocratizeComEd, a people-powered campaign for democratically controlled energy in Chicago. We're fighting for an elected utility board, public control of profits, aggressive renewable energy, fairer rates, and green jobs to maintain the grid.

Why now? ComEd is Chicago's electricity provider, and their contract with the city is up for renewal in 2020. For the first time in 30 years, we have a chance to take control of our energy future. By turning ComEd into a municipal utility controlled by the people of Chicago, for the people of Chicago, we can increase clean energy, get fairer rates, and put profits back into our community rather than into shareholders' pockets.

Get involved with our research, political education, communications, outreach, or direct action/canvassing committees--or just get more information about the campaign--by signing up below!

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