Join IndiMarin's #TakeItAllBackTeam!

Our country, our democracy, and our ideals are in crisis. Please join IndiMarin's #TakeItAllBack Team to be part of the solution!

We MUST take back statehouses across the country, win back the Senate and the Presidency, and retain the House (which we won back in 2018, thanks to countless volunteer hours.) Millions more hours need to be spent to bring about widespread victory in 2020. Plus millions upon millions of dollars. And the work needs to be happening NOW.

By joining IndiMarin's #TakeItAllBack Team, you will be kept apprised of all opportunities to help Dems win in 2019 and 2020 - from phonebanking, writing postcards and textbanking to recruiting more members and spreading the word in your networks.  Take just an hour or two out of your week. WATCH AND TALK ABOUT THE NEWS LESS AND SPEND THAT TIME TAKING ACTION. If you absolutely don’t have a few hours to give, please donate to organizations with volunteers who are doing this work. The Airlift Fund is a great place to start. With a single donation you will be supporting numerous grassroots voter engagement efforts in battleground states.

Thank you for committing, or recommiting, to what YOU will do to lead us down a better path for the future. For our future, and that of our children and future generations. We are creating that path today.

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