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Jackie Sartoris for Cumberland County District Attorney

Prosecutors possess most of the power in the criminal justice system, which means we hold most of the power to lead change. We decide whether to bring a charge, how serious a charge to level, what offers to make to resolve a case, and whether or not to file a dismissal. A judge cannot make a prosecutor dismiss a charge.

I believe that prosecutors should be leaders in developing alternatives and embracing opportunities that keep people safe while improving people‘s lives. These alternatives will result in a reduction in crime, based on the evidence. The District Attorney should be a leader who embraces proven and promising reform approaches and enables criminal justice encounters to be catalysts for change. These approaches will keep people safe, save money, and strengthen our communities.

To be successful, the people who do not now have power in the system must be engaged as partners in building paths away from criminal convictions, and towards positive community engagement. Victims, formerly incarcerated people, the recovery and mental health communities, families who have experienced the ripple effects of the trauma that an encounter with the criminal justice system entails - to succeed at lasting reform, they must all have a seat at the table in addition to a vote to select our next District Attorney.  

I believe that together we can redefine public safety and achieve a more resilient community by investing our resources in lasting change. We need the Cumberland County DA’s office to be an active part of the common-sense criminal justice reform movement that is growing in Cumberland County, in Maine and in our country. I believe we can embrace this rare opportunity for real reform. Together, we will make Cumberland County a place where an encounter with the criminal justice system is met by restoration, healing, and opportunities to overcome trauma and make amends. Achieving real justice will better protect our communities and all community members.”   - Jackie Sartoris of Brunswick, Maine

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Treasurer: Malory Shaughnessy

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