Join #TeamJoAnn

We are grateful for our dynamic community of volunteers whose energy and organizing are the backbone of #TeamJoAnn. Join us as we build a movement to win the primary election on May 17, 2022.

Joining #TeamJoAnn is an opportunity to be a meaningful part of the campaign. Volunteers will be invited to an orientation and be connected to a smaller diverse team where you can build relationships.

We have drawn two opponents for the Primary Election (May 17, 2022) who are already threatening hard-fought policy wins. Together we will rise and build momentum for progressive leadership and policies.

Help us come out strong this fall by letting us know the ways you would like to be engaged and to share this with friends and family who may be interested.


Volunteers are organized into primary squads with #TeamJoAnn. Through your squad, you'll get to be in community as we work together to help us win the campaign. Squads will have a lead volunteer who supports the members, an orientation, and monthly dates to meet up. All volunteers will be encouraged to donate, recruit other volunteers, host a lawn sign, and amplify the campaign on social media.

Please indicate your preferred primary squad where you would like to support the campaign.

Neighborhood Squad - Volunteers who are our voter organizers, educating and mobilizing voters through text banking, phone banking, door-knocking, as well as share neighborhood news and ideas with the campaign. Squads will be organized into the seven regions of the city: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, West, and Northwest Portland.

Small Donor Squad - Volunteers who organize donors through house parties (virtual for now) or lead mini-fundraising drives from family and friends. Ideally squad members will secure at least five donations of $50 from Portland donors age 18 and older that qualify for the Open and Accountable 6-1 match. A $50 donation becomes $350 for the campaign, and 5 donations equal $1750!

Logistics Squad - Volunteers who help make arrangements for in-person and virtual campaign events, setting up, taking down, staffing welcome tables, and providing tech support. May also assist with reminders, research, and local errands such as delivering lawn signs and literature.

Online Squad - Volunteers who track social media, amplify campaign activities, and conduct troll patrol. recruit other volunteers.
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