Join the dance party and plan a #SalsaShutDown!

Nuestra comunidad sabe que bajo Trump, los inmigrantes indocumentados van a estar a riesgo mas que nunca. Los métodos que hemos usado para hacer cambios no han dado resultados. Los trabajadores indocumentados solo vamos a ganar protección permanente, respeto, y dignidad al forzar que este país reconozca nuestra existencia. Estamos lanzando nuestro #BoicotMigrante y para hacerlo realidad necesitamos 100,000 personas que firmen el compromiso.

Este no es el tiempo de esconderse. Es el tiempo de actuar.

#SalsaShutDown actions are about building hope in our immigrant communities so we can build resistance and show this country how much it depends on us - on the things we buy and the work we do.

Cosecher@s are planning #SalsaShutDown actions in shopping centers, malls, and commercial hubs across the country to spread hope in our communities and grow the movement!

Do you want to join the dance party? Sign up here and we will get in touch and support you to plan a #SalsaShutDown! Let's show our communities that we have the power to protect each other, to resist with determination, to be joyful, and to win.

Our community knows that under Trump, undocumented immigrants will be at more at risk than ever. But we are choosing to dance. This is not the time for our community to hide. This is the time to act.

On December 3rd, Downtown Crossing will face the largest #SalsaShutDown Boston has ever seen. Join the Facebook event and invite your family and friends!

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