Join the #DivestFromDeath Week of Action November 7th - 13th!

This November 7th through 13th, Dissenters invites you to join us for a #DivestFromDeath Week of Action — a week of movement building, action, and solidarity for the global liberation of all Black and Brown people, here and around the world. Divest From Death is a campaign to pressure institutions to divest from war profiteers led by young people who will turn the tides of endless war and continue to fight for the life-affirming future we deserve.

We are calling on communities all over the U.S. to organize #DivestFromDeath actions against war and militarism in your community to demand our institutions to divest from endless wars and reinvest in what our communities actually need to be safe. Every year, U.S. war profiteers — Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon — fuel violence here and abroad with billions of dollars of weapons manufacturing to arm violent regimes in the Philippines, in Israel, and to local police departments across the U.S.

But from Chicago to Tehran, the people are rising up to get free, to break the power of the U.S. war industry, and halt the unjust war on communities of color around the world.

Commit to take action with us and to stay plugged into preparation for our week of action on November 7th - 13th by signing here! We will follow up with trainings and other support offerings for folks who sign up to take action.

Reach out to us at with questions!

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