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The DSA Health Workers Collective (HWC) organizes workers in healthcare, regardless of discipline, around the struggle for a health system that values workers and patients over profits. In the setting of rapid changes in the healthcare industry during COVID-19, we aim to build a sectoral organizing network rooted in the necessity of labor organizing to both meet health workers’ immediate material needs, and coordinate strikes among US health workers as a critical strategy for winning transformative changes in healthcare delivery and financing, such as a single-payer Medicare for All program. We partner with existing unions to build a base in our workplaces as a strategic site of struggle, where we can exercise the enormous power of our labor if we take action in unison.

Currently we are:

  • Partnering with the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee to develop trainings and toolkits to help health workers win protections on the job, sensitive to health workers’ indoctrination into a culture vulnerable for exploitation

  • Designing political education to deepen an anti-capitalist political and economic analysis of human health and well-being.

See our Points of Unity.

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