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In spring 2022, End Medical Debt Maryland is championing House Bill 694 in the Maryland General Assembly, a measure that would require Maryland hospitals to reimburse low-income patients they’ve overcharged for care.

The bill responds to a report released last year by an independent state agency. Looking at data from 2017 and 2018, the agency found hospitals collected around $60 million annually from Maryland patients who were legally entitled to free healthcare.  

Yep, you read that correctly. That’s $120 million stolen over just two years from financially strapped Marylanders who, according to state law, were eligible for free hospital care. Instead of providing the free care the patients qualified for, Maryland hospitals took their money.

HB 694 matters today because it would put hard-earned cash back in the hands of low-income Marylanders who were robbed by the hospitals that were supposed to care for them. HB 694 gives hospitals the chance to make things right.

Show your support for this legislation and join the coalition by filling out the form on this page. In the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated about the bill and let you know how YOU can be part of this fight to hold hospitals accountable and bring justice to Maryland patients.

End Medical Debt Maryland is a statewide coalition of 60+ organizations and community members working together to pass comprehensive medical billing reform, educate Marylanders on their rights as patients, and eliminate barriers to healthcare.