Join the End Medical Debt Coalition (Organization)

Are you a representative of an organization, union, religious community, or other group that wants to publicly support legislation to end medical debt in the state of Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, hospitals regularly collect medical bills from patients who are legally qualified to receive free healthcare. A report released last year by an independent state agency found hospitals collected around $60 million from low-income Maryland patients who should have received free care in 2017 — and then again in 2018.

Yep, you read that correctly. That’s $120 million stolen over just two years from financially strapped Marylanders who, according to state law, were eligible for free hospital care. Instead of providing the free care the patients qualified for, Maryland hospitals took their money.

That's why the End Medical Debt Maryland coalition exists. We are a statewide coalition of over 60+ organizations working together to pass House Bill 694 in the Maryland General Assembly in spring 2022 that will require hospitals to reimburse patients from whom they wrongfully collected those $120 million.

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