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The Equality Model in MA (EMMA) Coalition is led by survivor-of-prostitution leaders that are also founders of exit programs and leaders throughout the state along with advocates, key stakeholders and organizations advocating for An Act To Strengthen Justice and Support for Sex Trade Survivors (H.1761/S.940).
The EMMA Coalition stands for all the voices that have been silenced because of the sex trade. We honor their names privately and work publicly to diminish and eliminate the violence of prostitution from Massachusetts and beyond.

All over the world, and throughout history, the most systemically disadvantaged groups have been overrepresented in sexual exploitation and prostitution. We can make our state a leader in the fight against this exploitive practice, especially against our most vulnerable populations.

We are seeking endorsements for this legislation that will achieve the following:
  1. Decriminalizes people who are bought and sold, repealing the crime of selling sex, automatically expunging all past charges for prostitution.
  2. Holds buyers accountable by penalizing the crime of buying sex with an income based fine to target those with a disposable income, having these fines redirected to survivor-led programs throughout the state.
  3. Upholds Trafficking Laws.
  4. Creates an interagency committee to increase support and exit options for prostituted persons such as access to health, mental health, housing options, job training, opportunities for employment and education as well as prevention measures and awareness efforts.
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