Join the Fight For Affordable Prescriptions in Illinois

We Can't Wait Any Longer.

Everyone needs medicine. It's a fact of life. When you get sick, whether its a passing cold, a chronic illness, or a devastating hospitalization, you don't get a choice if you need medication. That's exactly why Big Pharma companies think that can charge us whatever they want for lifesaving medication, because unless they are stopped, unless we stop them, unless we break up monopoly-control the hard truth is: they can.

Who does Big Pharma have on their side, right here in Illinois? Congressman Rodney Davis. When people start fighting back against high prescription prices, Big Pharma has counted on Rep. Rodney Davis to protect them and let them keep exploiting sick Illinoisans.

Join the fight. Stand up to Big Pharma and tell Rodney Davis you support lower drug prices for Illinois.