Join the Fire Your Fossil Bank Community

Fire Your Fossil Bank is a campaign to make Canadians aware that their bank is funding the climate crisis by financing fossil fuel expansion.

In Canada, our Big Five banks provide 70% of the money for Tar Sands expansion. Globally, they finance fossil fuels nearly half a trillion dollars (482 billion). By partnering with the fossils, our big banks are funders of climate change.

Use your money as a powerful weapon to pressure the big banks to do their share in the war on climate change. If enough of us move our money, we will force them to become responsible corporate citizens and align themselves with their clients rather than the fossils.

The number of Sign-Ups will tell us how many Canadians are looking for greener banking services. And we will keep you up to date on policy changes and steps your bank is taking to align itself with the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Please sign up and then send a personal letter to your branch manager and/or the President of your bank. Sample letters are available here.

You can find out more about Canada's Big Five banks here,

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